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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmasterymas‧ter‧y /ˈmɑːstəri $ ˈmæ-/ noun [uncountable]  1 GOOD ATthorough understanding or great skillmastery of She possesses complete technical mastery of her instrument.2 CONTROLcomplete control or power over someone or somethingmastermastery of/over humankind’s mastery over the environmentCOLLOCATIONSadjectivestechnical masteryThe technical mastery of the musicians is impressive.complete/absolute masteryHis latest collection shows his complete mastery of painting with oils.verbshave mastery of somethingShe has complete mastery of her instrument.show mastery of somethingThe author did not show mastery of psychological theory.demonstrate mastery of something (=show mastery of something)During the talk, he demonstrated his mastery of the issues.gain/achieve mastery of somethingHe has definitely achieved mastery of this very difficult subject.phrasesa sense of mastery (=the feeling that you can do something well )Suggesting an activity that a child can do adds to the child's sense of mastery.
Examples from the Corpus
masteryMaterials and teaching practices may consist of commercial letter-of-the-week programs, math worksheets with accompanying workbooks, and mastery assessments.The answer may be in the way boys and girls are taught to gain mastery.In general, Ventura users have mastery over perhaps 40 to 50% of the program.There was just the experience of mastery of a new element, the glorious sense of power, and the freedom.Modern ideas of mastery learning arose from Carroll's model of school learning.Syllabic writing requires mastery of what may be several hundred or several thousand symbols that are needed for syllabic representation.Smith's technical mastery blossomed in the hushed mystery of the Nocturne but above all in the fireworks of the Tarantella.The mastery of skills is of little use if they can not be applied.mastery of/overThe main points of comparison involve vocabulary, syntax, and mastery of the writing system.But mastery of helium-3 / deuterium fusion may permit other entirely new applications.Tilda had initiated the train of events, as, with her careless mastery of life, she often did.They have battled for years for mastery of the region.Grandcourt knows well that he will soon have mastery over a woman who would like to master him.Selection to the team is based on mastery of specified gymnastic skills.Perhaps the most significant aspect of the technical and rational mastery of the modern world has been bureaucracy.Alphabetic writing requires mastery of several dozen symbols that are needed for phonemic representation.Quite simply mastery of colonial languages gave a few people unfettered power.Might not the mastery of a skill quickly mean that an approach to learning through discovery could be more effectively undertaken?
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