2 verb
match2 S2 W2

look good together

[intransitive and transitive] if one thing matches another, or if two things match, they look attractive together because they are a similar colour, pattern etc [↪ matching]:
We painted the cabinets green to match the rug.
Do you think this outfit matches?
a beech dining table with four chairs to match (=chairs that match it)
! Do not say that one thing 'matches to' or 'matches with' another. Say that one thing matches another or that two things match.

look the same

[intransitive and transitive] two things that match look the same because they are a pair:
Your socks don't match.

seem the same

[intransitive and transitive] if two things match, or if one matches the other, there is no important difference between them:
The suspect matched the descriptions provided by witnesses.
Their actions do not match their words.
match exactly/closely/perfectly
The copy closely matches the original.


[transitive] to be suitable for a particular person, thing, or situation [= suit]:
Teaching materials should match individual students' needs.
We'll help you find a home that will match your requirements.
a well-matched pair


[transitive] to put two people or things together that are similar to or somehow connected with each other
match something to/with something
Can you name the animals and match them to the correct countries?
All checked-in baggage must be matched with a passenger travelling on the aircraft.

be equal

[transitive] to be equal to something in value, size, or quality:
His strength is matched by his intelligence.
Few cities in Europe can match the cultural richness of Berlin.
Fancy designer labels tend to come with fancy price tags to match.
evenly/equally matched
The two candidates are fairly evenly matched.

make equal

[transitive] to make something equal to something else
match something to something
Lindsey matched her steps to those of the other girl as they walked.
an attempt to match financial resources to need

give money

[transitive] to give a sum of money that is equal to a sum given by someone else:
The government has promised to match any private donations to the earthquake fund.


[transitive usually passive] if you are matched against someone else in a game or competition, you are competing against them
be matched against/with somebody
Agassi was matched against Sampras in the final.

match up

phrasal verb

match somebody/something ↔ up

to put two people or things together that are related to or suitable for each other:
The employment agency exists to match up graduates and IT companies.
match somebody/something ↔ up with
My mother spent her life trying to match me up with various women.
2 if two things match up, they seem the same or are connected in some way:
Their accounts just don't match up.
match up with
The DNA samples found on her body did not match up with a sample taken from the accused.

match up to somebody's hopes/expectations/ideals etc

to be as good as you hoped, expected etc [= measure up to]:
Unfortunately, the product's performance did not match up to the manufacturer's promise.

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