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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmatchlessmatch‧less /ˈmætʃləs/ adjective literary  BESTmore intelligent, beautiful etc than anyone or anything else syn unparalleled the matchless beauty of the Parthenon
Examples from the Corpus
matchlessWe were dazzled by the matchless beauty of Antarctica.East Anglia on a sunny weekend is a place of matchless beauty.He missed, above all, the split-second thrill of soaring over Liverpool's matchless fences.In Viktoria Mullova, whose technical perfection combines with matchless interpretative subtlety, they find perhaps their ideal interpreter.All of Callinicos' philosophical sophistication and matchless political experience evaporate in the face of the art of his own lifetime.But if you're liked, you get a matchless service.Grim glory, matchless strength, and the wit to confuse, the charms to transform any invader.The travel arrangements were efficient and comfortable; the Hotel Tatry was first rate and we had a room with matchless views.
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