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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmateriallyma‧te‧ri‧al‧ly /məˈtɪəriəli $ -ˈtɪr-/ adverb  1 ENOUGH formal in a big enough or strong enough way to change a situation This would materially affect US security.2 MONEY[sentence adverb] in relation to possessions and money, rather than the needs of a person’s mind or soul opp spiritually Materially, we are better off than ever before.
Examples from the Corpus
materiallyNow that label had gone but they were relatively poor and worse off materially.In each case the actuarial assumptions agreed can materially affect the size of the transfer value.The outcome of the entire war is unlikely to be materially affected by what he, as an individual, does.Many people hunger for a materially better life.It is hard to imagine anyone else in this island who was more isolated and more materially deprived.Is the high-performance approach materially different, or is it just a new label for a set of old ideas?For a file of this size, no value has been altered materially due to the simplification of using Poisson values.The problems arise because old age is a period of increasing dependency - materially, physically, socially and emotionally.Our situation has gotten materially worse.
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