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maternity leave

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maternity leavemaˈternity ˌleave noun [uncountable]  BECtime that a mother is allowed to spend away from work when she has a babypaternity leaveon maternity leave Karen will be on maternity leave next month.
Examples from the Corpus
maternity leaveShe is a clinical lecturer, University of Oxford and back at full time work as Consultant Dermatologist after maternity leave.Rarely have they bargained aggressively for benefits such as maternity leave or more help with child care.The University has a generous maternity leave scheme, which goes well beyond the statutory provisions.The University has a generous maternity leave scheme.I am working part-time, but my maternity leave begins next month.In addition, co-anchor Katie Couric is currently on maternity leave.Women with less than one year's service are eligible to apply for unpaid maternity leave.The 42-clause Bill gives pregnant workers the right to a minimum of 14 weeks' maternity leave.on maternity leaveIn addition, co-anchor Katie Couric is currently on maternity leave.Britain also objected to the new directive on maternity leave.Mrs. Deming is on maternity leave.She was then shown a picture taken at the farewell party at Champion Spark Plugs just before Paula went on maternity leave.
From Longman Business Dictionarymaternity leavemaˈternity ˌleaveHUMAN RESOURCES time with pay that a woman is allowed to be absent from work just before and after having a babya woman who is made redundant while on maternity leave leave
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