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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmateymat‧ey1 /ˈmeɪti/ adjective British English informal  FRIENDLYbehaving as if you were someone’s friendmatey with She’s been very matey with the boss lately.
Examples from the Corpus
mateyHe is not a matey deity who shines a flashlight into some dark corner of his recalcitrant universe on demand.
mateymatey2 noun British English informal  MANTALK TO somebodyused by men as a very informal or disrespectful way of speaking to another man
Examples from the Corpus
mateyArrgh, matey, who could have expected finding a buried displeasure here? 12: 38.You're talking walk in the park, matey!Well matey, you'd better write to Vicky then!
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