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mathmath /mæθ/ ●●● S2 noun [uncountable]  American EnglishHM mathematics syn maths British English Tim’s good at math and science. a set of simple math problems (=questions that are related to math) She’s learning calculus in math class. a math test
Examples from the Corpus
mathKaczynski was an assistant math professor at the campus from 1967 to 1969.For { math }, x is an attractor.In life -- as in math -- the key to solving any problem lies in the clear and proper identification thereof.By sixth grade, the girl who was ahead of the boys in math is now even or behind them.I don't think Jim should major in math.They do need to know math and language, but music touches the soul.Neither did several other math professors, including Morris Hirsch, who was active in the anti-war movement when Kaczynski taught there.Even the math behind a simple tax return carries assumptions that are open to challenge.Tina got a 95% on the math test.As an adolescent, Bennett Lang relishes word math problems but is stumped by the things people say.math problemsBuilding computers that could solve difficult math problems and play a mean game of chess was relatively easy.For example, difficulties with certain kinds of math problems are often related to visual-spatial processing.In an-other, thirty earnest, brightly dressed grade-schoolers work out math problems on tiny handheld blackboards.And phrasing math problems in art terms might enhance the appeal of math as well!There are real math problems everywhere.Other six-year olds solve math problems for make-believe school, as illustrated in Figure 3. 4.For example, Go Mental is a tic-tac-toe math game where you have to solve math problems to earn points.As an adolescent, Bennett Lang relishes word math problems but is stumped by the things people say.
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