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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmattmatt British English, matte /mæt/ adjective  SHINYmatt paint, colour, or photographs have a dull surface, not shiny opp gloss matt black
Examples from the Corpus
mattWhen you drop off the photos, be sure to request matte finish.However we all liked the matt black finish of the bottle.Net Set, available in matt black or 14K gold plate finish makes an ideal tennis gift.This is because slight frosting on the eyes covers up careless blending and matt lipsticks have often been too dry-looking.Do you want matt paint or gloss paint?Finish with a matt pink-toned lipstick applied with a brush for more accuracy and softness.Warm Geranium lipstick by Kanebo and a loose matt powder completed the look.Creamy formulations do tend to crease more, so opt for matt powders.Thick gouache can give similar results to oil paint, except that the gouache often dries with a matt surface.Last week, Helen excelled herself - a black matt waterproof, lined, with a turn-back collar of fake ocelot!
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