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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmattedmat‧ted /ˈmætɪd/ adjective  TOGETHERSTICKmatted hair or fur is twisted or stuck together in a thick mass a cat with a dirty matted coatmatted with Her hair was matted with blood.
Examples from the Corpus
mattedHer fur was matted and she was so emaciated she could hardly stand.The sun had burned him black and his hair, which was naturally black, was matted and tangled.a messy, matted beardSome grow into matted filaments and curds, others into thick leathery sheets.Not to mention half a ton of bloat, several wagonloads of smuts, and a sackful of matted hair.The hair of Oceanus also appears to be styled on the same matted locks which comprise the lion's main at Verulamium.The left haunch was matted red with blood where my pellet had hit it.His hair was a damp, matted tangle.Her hair was matted with blood.
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