2 verb
matter2 S1 W3
1 [intransitive not in progressive] to be important, especially to be important to you, or to have an effect on what happens
it doesn't etc matter if
Will it matter if I'm a little late?
If I have to stay late at work tonight, it won't matter because we can go out another night.
it doesn't etc matter who/why/what etc
It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you look neat and tidy.
Does it matter what I think?
it doesn't etc matter that
It does not matter that the gun was in fact unloaded.
Do you think it matters that the cups and saucers don't match?
it doesn't matter about something
Just give me $5 - it doesn't matter about the rest.
matter to
He had lost many of the people who mattered to him.
matter a lot/a great deal
It mattered a great deal to her what other people thought of her.
not matter much/matter little
I don't think it matters much what you study.
campaigning on issues that really matter
all that matters/the only thing that matters
All that matters is that you're safe.
Money was the only thing that mattered to him.
I don't care what it looks like - what matters is that it works.
At last she was with the man she loved and nothing else mattered.
She said very little during the meal. Not that it mattered (=it was not important).

it doesn't matter

a) used to tell someone that you are not angry or upset about something, especially something that they have done:
'I've spilled some coffee on the carpet.' 'It doesn't matter.'
b) used to say that you do not mind which one of two things you have:
'Red or white wine?' 'Oh, either. It doesn't matter.'

what does it matter?

spoken used to say that something is not important:
It all happened so long ago now, what does it matter?
What does it matter how old I am?

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