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mattressmat‧tress /ˈmætrɪs/ ●●○ noun [countable]  DHFthe soft part of a bed that you lie onfirm/soft/hard etc mattress an old, lumpy mattress
Examples from the Corpus
mattressI am opposed to air mattresses at a rendezvous, personally.Sheets and mattress protectors are also available, if you have problems during the night.It's important to have a good firm mattress.Then we barricaded ourselves in, piled our mattresses against the cell door.Shown here is the Regal Supreme, supplied complete with a pocket-sprung mattress to bring modern comfort to antique furniture.Not surprisingly they're the most expensive too and the only type suitable to use with a pocket-sprung mattress.We half sat, half lay on the mattress.We sat on the mattress because that was all the furniture I had.firm/soft/hard etc mattressThey can still sleep in comfort because one half of the bed has a hard mattress, the other soft.Anyone who has difficulty in getting down to the floor and up is safer exercising on a firm mattress.Sleep on a firm mattress - or, better still, a plank under the mattress.She was not an angel capable of mutating into a writhing, biting snake on a soft mattress.That, too, depends on individual choice, though medical opinion usually favours the hard mattress.
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