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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaturationma‧tu‧ra‧tion /ˌmætʃəˈreɪʃən/ AWL noun [uncountable]  formalGROW/GET BIGGER the period during which something grows and developsmature cell maturation
Examples from the Corpus
maturationIt is a maturation of forces already in progress.These enable us to make statements about the relative influence of parents and peers and the effect of social and linguistic maturation.The sequential maturation of the intellectual and social aspects fosters a sense of assurance in the child and acceptance by others.I would be more delighted by all of this were I not wary about the motives for this sudden maturation.The method is based on the maturation cycle of gut associated lymphoid tissue derived lymphocytes.The excess males must wait until large enough units have been generated through the maturation of female offspring.The uplift of a sedimentary pile undergoing maturation is likely to have the effect of leading to a cessation of hydrocarbon generation.
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