2 verb
Related topics: Food, Drink
1 [intransitive] to become fully grown or developed:
As the fish matures, its colours and patternings change.
mature into
She has matured into a fine writer.
2 [intransitive] to become sensible and start to behave sensibly and reasonably, like an adult:
He has matured a lot since he left home.
He wants to prove just how much he has matured both as a player and as a man.
3 [intransitive]DF if a financial arrangement such as a bond or an insurance policy matures, it becomes ready to be paid
4 [intransitive and transitive]DFDFD if cheese, wine etc matures, or if it is matured, it develops a good strong taste over a period of time:
Few beers brewed in Britain are matured in the bottle.
The olives are pulped, then left to mature.

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