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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaximalmax‧i‧mal /ˈmæksəməl/ adjective technical  BIGas much or as large as possible opp minimal the right conditions for a maximal increase in employmentmaximally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
maximalThe mathematical principles of determining where the rate of change is maximal are, for mathematicians, very straight forward.Salespeople require goals set for them with maximal clarity and hold high expectations for recognition for their accomplishments.When antidiuretic hormone is present to a maximal degree, urine concentration is high.At the core of the pyramid there would be a maximal division of labour.Those patients who present with metastatic disease and are treated with maximal endocrine treatment will have a median survival of 36 months.Many studies can be discounted since they have used unnatural smoking protocols, or basal or maximal gastric secretion as a plateau.Viewed from the perspective of potential development, the point of initial emergence represents the point of maximal unfolding.The visitors' seats are angled strategically for maximal view.Although it is controversial, evidence suggests that maximal water impermeability of the distal nephron requires that glucocorticoid be present.
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