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may as well

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmay as wellmay as wellspokenSUGGEST used to suggest that someone should do something, because there is no good reason to do anything else syn might as well If there’s nothing more to do, we may as well go to bed. You may as well tell us now – we’ll find out sooner or later. may
Examples from the Corpus
may as wellThat may as well be a word from a foreign language.In the end the mission controllers took the very pragmatic view that they may as well continue the mission to the Moon.If Klepner's gonna get his job he may as well do the spiel.I may as well explain here why he did this much-criticized and desperate deed of daring...You may as well get used to it, Oakland.Since we're just sitting here, we may as well have a drink.I may as well have not bothered.You may as well not turn it on, Cooper, until after the game.You may as well play when you are in a scoring mode.I may as well stick it out to the end.
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