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may somebody/something do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmay somebody/something do somethingmay somebody/something do somethingformalHOPE used to express a wish or hope We pray for those who died – may they rest in peace. It is a fine tradition and long may it continue! may
Examples from the Corpus
may somebody/something do somethingActivities, such as walking, standing, sitting or bending, may have to be learned anew.But I got lost in the doing of it, as navigators may, and we went beyond ourselves.If you forget to move your turkey from freezer to refrigerator in time, you may thaw the turkey in cold water.It may pay to be early at Catford where Dromina Duke looks the part in the second race.It will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, and may have a knock-on effect.They also monitor the production run to make sure that it stays on schedule and correct any problems that may arise.To deny this power is dangerous, for, suppressed, it will find another outlet and may erupt uncontrollably.Worse yet, it may resort to additional expedient action to disguise or defuse the consequences of previous counterproductive actions.
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