may‧be S1 W2 [sentence adverb]
1 used to say that something may happen or may be true but you are not certain [= perhaps]:
Maybe it's all just a big misunderstanding.
'Do you think he'll come back?' 'Maybe.'
Maybe they're right, but maybe not.
You have talent, maybe even genius.
He said he'd finish the work soon - maybe tomorrow.
2 spoken used to reply to a suggestion or idea when either you are not sure if you agree with it, or you do not want to say 'yes' or 'no':
'I think Sheila would be an excellent manager.' 'Maybe.'
3 used to show that you are not sure of an amount or number:
The problems really started maybe two or three years ago.
He looked like he was thirty, maybe thirty-five years old.
4 spoken used to make a suggestion you are not quite sure about:
If the bill doesn't seem right, maybe you should give them a call.
Maybe I can ride the bicycle and follow you.

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