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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaybemay‧be /ˈmeɪbi/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb [sentence adverb]  1 MAYBEused to say that something may happen or may be true but you are not certain syn perhaps Maybe it’s all just a big misunderstanding. ‘Do you think he’ll come back?’ ‘Maybe.’ Maybe they’re right, but maybe not. You have talent, maybe even genius. He said he’d finish the work soon – maybe tomorrow.RegisterIn written English, people often prefer to use perhaps, because it is slightly more formal than maybe:Perhaps this explains why the figure is so high.2 spokenNOT SURE used to reply to a suggestion or idea when either you are not sure if you agree with it, or you do not want to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ ‘I think Sheila would be an excellent manager.’ ‘Maybe.’3 MAYBEused to show that you are not sure of an amount or number The problems really started maybe two or three years ago. He looked like he was thirty, maybe thirty-five years old.4 MAYBE spoken used to make a suggestion you are not quite sure about If the bill doesn’t seem right, maybe you should give them a call. Maybe I can ride the bicycle and follow you.
Examples from the Corpus
maybeKovitsky earned maybe $45,000, after taxes.The machines made a factory din, like a stamping plant maybe.And then maybe do the Leeds Salute to the crowd.They may have measurable standards, some priorities and maybe even benchmarks and deadlines.I would work for one of the major charities, perhaps, or maybe go for a job in publishing.Maybe I'll buy myself a new dress.From somewhere she could hear a lecturer droning; maybe it needed speeding up a little.But it came to an end because of greed, or maybe over-altruism.Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.Or maybe we should hold out for a bid from Big Oil.I thought maybe you could give Eddy's mom a call for me.Maybe you should hire a bodyguard.maybe evenShe must have a family, maybe even a boyfriend, all of them frantic, imagining her missing, even drowned.They are giving the Republican Party a second look, or maybe even a first look.Hollis, Mark, Nigel and Clare at the office, maybe even Cam.I seem to have done most of the talking, or maybe even lecturing, this evening.She liked him very much maybe even more than that not just his striking good looks but what was inside.The Tudorbury lads saw here an opportunity to get information, and maybe even new dealers.He is one good round away from being in serious contention, maybe even winning.
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