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meadowmead‧ow /ˈmedəʊ $ -doʊ/ ●○○ noun [countable]  DNa field with wild grass and flowers
Examples from the Corpus
meadowThey circled in the wind, their cries filling the morning air as we crossed the bottom meadows into the hamlet.They look a bit like our familiar meadow pipit apart from the chestnut colour of the throat.The Rockets seem happier hacking their way through the brambles than skipping across a grassy meadow.She lifted it over the fence and set off across the little meadow, gathering speed and thoroughly enjoying it.We were friends, on Sunday afternoons we went running in the lower meadows.In the countryside, large working farms interrupted a landscape of mountains, meadow, marshland, and abandoned quarries.Perhaps it still is, for it still winds peacefully between the elm-shaded meadows of the Exe valley past congenial inns.Again the enemy pushes through the meadow and up the hill, and the battle is renewed.
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