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meaningful look/glance/smile etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeaningful look/glance/smile etcmeaningful look/glance/smile etcEXPRESSION ON somebody'S FACEa look that clearly expresses the way someone feels, even though nothing is said Sam and Barbara exchanged meaningful glances. meaningful
Examples from the Corpus
meaningful look/glance/smile etcBut this time he drew out his knife and showed it to me with a meaningful glance.Lots of meaningful glances and repressed passion as only the Victorians knew how.Benjamin indicated with meaningful glances at me that this stark, sombre evening was such an appropriate time.All he could produce was a stiff upper lip, while young Lady C cast meaningful looks at sturdy gamekeeper Mellors.They exchanged meaningful glances from time to time - and it was apparent that his brother was as troubled as he by the disturbing events.
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