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meccamec‧ca /ˈmekə/ noun [singular]  DLTFAMOUSa place that many people want to visit for a particular reason syn magnetmecca for Florence is a mecca for students of art history.
Examples from the Corpus
meccaCharleston is a treasure chest of period architecture and a mecca for antiques buffs.Mountain View is becoming a mecca for Internet-related businesses.It would make California a mecca for shareholder lawsuits.What has made Lincoln such a mecca for executives throughout the United States who are looking for innovative new approaches to pay?Los Angeles was a sunny, easygoing mecca for crackpot religions and fantasies endorsed by the movie industry.Significantly, the on-site Job Placement Center, normally a frenzied mecca for the field, closed a day early.mecca forFlorida is a mecca for students during spring break.
MeccaMecca, Makkah  a city in Saudi Arabia where the prophet Muhammad was born, considered the holiest city of Islam. People who are not Muslims are not allowed to go there, but every Muslim must try to make a pilgrimage (=religious journey) to Mecca once in their lifetime see also haj, MedinaFrom Longman Business Dictionarymeccamec‧ca /ˈmekə/ noun [countable] a place that is very popular for a particular reason, attracting a lot of people to go theremecca forGeorgetown has become a mecca for jobseekers.The city is being promoted as a shopping mecca.
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