Date: 1400-1500
Language: Late Latin
Origin: mechanicus, from Greek, from mechane 'machine'


Related topics: Physics, Mechanical
1 affecting or involving a machine:
The flight has been cancelled due to mechanical failure.
The plane had to make an emergency landing because of mechanical problems.
2 using power from an engine or machine to do a particular kind of work:
a mechanical digger
a mechanical device
3 a mechanical action, reply etc is done without thinking, and has been done many times before:
He was asked the same question so many times that the answer became mechanical.
4 someone who is mechanical understands how machines work
5 technicalHP relating to or produced by physical forces:
the mechanical properties of solids
mechanically adverb:
The actors spoke their lines mechanically, hardly caring about the meaning.
I'm not very mechanically minded (=good at understanding how machines work and repairing them).

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