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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmechanizedmech‧a‧nized (also mechanised British English) /ˈmekənaɪzd/ adjective  1 a mechanized system or process now uses machines instead of people or animals syn automated Car production is now highly mechanized.2 a mechanized army unit uses tanks and other armoured military vehiclesmechanize verb [transitive]mechanization /ˌmekənaɪˈzeɪʃən $ -nə-/ noun [uncountable] increasing mechanization of agriculture
Examples from the Corpus
mechanizedAmong the unit's tasks was the development of improved transportable bridges for the increasingly mechanized army.a highly mechanized factorymechanized farmingThe extra power in his mechanized hands had acted like a mangle.Birkwood Lock, the first mechanized lock with control tower and traffic light gantry.At the other extreme, modern, mechanized methods would make economic nonsense on a smallholding.Rust closed the door by remote control then activated his mechanized wheelchair and approached them.It also follows that in such an advanced mechanized world the scope for cost reduction will be limited once manufacturing has commenced.highly mechanizedLongwall mining is a highly mechanized and highly productive method of underground mining.For example, one cost centre may be highly mechanized whilst another may be labour intensive.
From Longman Business Dictionarymechanizedmech‧a‧nized /ˈmekənaɪzd/ (also mechanised British English) adjective a mechanized system or process now uses machines to do a lot of the work instead of peopleCar production is now highly mechanized.
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