Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: mesler, medler, from Latin miscere 'to mix'


med‧dle [intransitive]
1 to deliberately try to influence or change a situation that does not concern you, or that you do not understand [= interfere]
meddle in
I don't like other people meddling in the way I run this prison.
He accused the US of meddling in China's internal affairs.
meddle with
I'm not the sort of newspaper owner who meddles with editorial policy.
2 British English to touch something which you should not touch, especially in a careless way that might break it
meddle with
You have no right to come in here meddling with my things.
meddler noun [countable]
meddling noun [uncountable]
meddling adjective [only before noun]
meddling politicians

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