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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeddlesomemed‧dle‧some /ˈmedlsəm/ adjective  INTERFEREa meddlesome person becomes involved in situations that do not concern them, in a way that annoys people syn interfering a meddlesome old woman
Examples from the Corpus
meddlesomeInevitably, that means he will have to be meddlesome.It shares the conventions of ancient drama: unbreakable vows, divided kingdoms, miraculous births, meddlesome and slippery gods.They say he is not nearly as meddlesome as we all might suspect.More government, bigger government, more meddlesome government.Guards tried to shoot the meddlesome hound several times, but Judy survived and was liberated in 1945.meddlesome neighborsHeaven rid him of meddlesome politicians!
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