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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmediaevalmed‧i‧ae‧val /ˌmediˈiːvəl◂ $ ˌmiː-/ adjective  x-refanother spelling of medieval
Examples from the Corpus
mediaevalAs they approached the gate the street narrowed and became more mediaeval.Finally we turned back past Haddon Hall, a magnificent mediaeval country house and reputedly the finest of its kind in Britain.There are many opportunities to see the ridge and furrow patterning in the fields, evidence of mediaeval farming methods.Two mediaeval hospitals are known to have existed in Bedford.This is an area of spectacular gorges and jagged cliffs, beautiful unspoilt villages, with historic castles and mediaeval houses.Instead of the Baroque or modern architect, Sitte promulgated the values of the mediaeval master builder.Sitte, in opposition to baroque and modern rectilinearity, advocated the Gothic free-form of mediaeval streets.But the conventions surrounding the drama itself usually go some way to counter this kind of misapprehension even in mediaeval times.
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