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medicalmed‧i‧cal1 /ˈmedɪkəl/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL adjective  MHrelating to medicine and the treatment of disease or injury medical research medical staff a medical student a patient’s medical history (=the illnesses they have had)medical records (=which show what illnesses and treatment someone has had)medical attention/treatment/care The injury required urgent medical attention.the medical profession (=doctors, nurses, and other people who treat people who are ill)medically /-kli/ adverb medically qualified personnel medically fit
Examples from the Corpus
medicalMost companies offer medical and dental benefits to their employees.There were lectures on quite advanced medical care, on intelligence-gathering, signalling and demolitions.As many as 30,000 refugees died of hunger and a lack of medical care.Baker's medical education was continued at Guy's Hospital, London.He said he had Achilles' tendinitis, the medical equivalent of the cavalry for Lewis' relay hopes.Third, the severity of comorbidity was categorised broadly and was based only on past medical history.medical insuranceOnly a couple in the collection deal directly with medical matters.There's a medical officer, a navigation officer, a communications officer.The partnership plans to invest mainly in West Coast media, medical products, biotechnology and information-technology companies.the medical professionIs there still sexism within the medical profession?This surface interval between leaving the bell and entering the decompression chamber, became a point of contention within the medical profession.These proposals are unpopular with most of the medical profession.Doubtless, this instability will continue as more sophisticated techniques of diagnosis come into use by the medical profession.Everything rests not on his or her will, but on the medical profession.The concerns of older people about their future health care probably reflect beliefs about modern medicine and priorities within the medical profession.No more are we just reacting, helpless pawns in a struggle between the medical profession and death.We have several members of the medical profession That's hardly the same thing.They do not expect the medical profession to be disinterested, and are disappointed if it does not provide advice and support.No matter how it worked, the idea raises ethical concerns for the medical profession, two physician-legislators said.The magazine's chief function is to keep the medical profession up to date with the latest advances and drugs.
Related topics: Hospital
medicalmedical2 (also medical examination) noun [countable] British English  MHan examination of your body by a doctor to see if you are healthy syn physical American English
Examples from the Corpus
medicalOnly the young, intending teachers, and medicals were allowed the full normal course for their subject.How pilot medicals will change I have read with interest the correspondence concerning medical fees.
From Longman Business Dictionarymedicalmed‧i‧cal /ˈmedɪkəl/ adjective connected with medicine and the treatment of illness and injuryMedicare doesn’t cover all medical expenses.He has been absent from work for six weeks on medical leave.a manufacturer of medical supplies
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