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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeditativemed‧i‧ta‧tive /ˈmedətətɪv $ -teɪtɪv/ adjective  1 THINK ABOUTthinking deeply and seriously about something She was in a meditative mood.2 relating to the practice of emptying your mind of thoughts and feelings, in order to relax completely or for religious reasons meditative techniquesmeditatively adverb
Examples from the Corpus
meditativeHowever, Coleridge's poems are not all so vibrant or meditative.But the nimbleness of her line, the fluidity with which she shifts between the meditative, intellectual and rhapsodic remains.He crossed his legs and adopted the meditative lotus position.His face had an expression of meditative peacefulness I can only describe as dreamy.His lyrical, meditative poetry speaks to nature and a sense of place.Within a few years, Father Campbell had guided more than twenty parishioners through the long, meditative process.Dr. Wijk contemplated the picture in meditative silence.What was needed here, rather than meditative technique, was a pump-action shotgun.
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