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medium of exchange

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmedium of exchangemedium of exchangePECmoney or other ways of paying for things medium
Examples from the Corpus
medium of exchangeMonetarists stress the function of money as a medium of exchange and play down its role as a store of wealth.Money balances held for these two purposes are called active balances: money to be used as a medium of exchange.As a medium of exchange it no longer works, and that's that.They are not therefore directly related to people's requirements to hold a medium of exchange.Such a commodity, once acceptable, performed the role of a medium of exchange and could be regarded as money.Stainless steel made good medium of exchange on a planet where all metal had to be imported.Trusted paper became both a collateral for short-term credit and an immensely important medium of exchange.Like the black woman in a slave narrative, the Chicana remains here an abiding if sometimes invisible medium of exchange.
From Longman Business Dictionarymedium of exchangeˌmedium of exˈchange noun [singular]ECONOMICS something that can be used to buy goods or to measure someone’s wealth. Money is the usual medium of exchange in most countriesUS currency is widely used as a medium of exchange here.
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