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meet a deadline

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeet a deadlinemeet a deadlineto finish something at the time it is meant to be finished We are still hoping to meet the November deadline. meet
Examples from the Corpus
meet a deadlineJournalists have to work very quickly in order to meet their deadlines.Without extra help, it's going to be very difficult to meet the Friday deadline.Their work can be stressful, as they attempt to schedule work to meet deadlines.It is a measure of Minton's professionalism that he continued to meet deadlines and to produce an abundance of work.Working under pressure to meet a deadline had a motivating effect.Nell is your colleague, and you suspect she has never met a deadline in her life.The company recently has been regrouping after it failed to meet a deadline to provide service early this year.Conversely, if a person expects that meeting deadlines will not earn praise, he or she may not be as motivated.
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