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meet somebody’s eye(s)/gaze/glance etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeet somebody’s eye(s)/gaze/glance etcmeet somebody’s eye(s)/gaze/glance etcLOOK ATto look directly at someone who is looking at you Ruth looked down, unable to meet his eye. She turned to meet his gaze. meet
Examples from the Corpus
meet somebody’s eye(s)/gaze/glance etcNothing in the three villagers' long but sheltered past could have prepared them for the horrendous sight that met their eyes.This is an interesting question and there is probably more to it than meets the eye.On occasion, she would meet Ted's eyes, and he would wink, and nod his head encouragingly.She met Charles's eyes and looked away in case he could read her renewed longing for Keele.It was hard to meet his eyes for long, and she looked away.They meet the eyes of others.She met his eyes without flinching, a mutinous sparkle enlivening the depths of her own grey gaze.
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