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meet (something) head-on

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeet (something) head-onmeet (something) head-ona) HIT/BUMP INTOif two moving vehicles meet head-on, they are facing each other and hit each other suddenly and violently b) DEAL WITHif you meet a problem head-on, you deal with it directly without trying to avoid it meet
Examples from the Corpus
meet (something) head-onWith its new factories, the company intends to meet the competition head-on.Her soft blue eyes hardened as they had never done before in her life and she met his gaze head-on.On Christmas Day, he met the opposition head-on.Rising to his knees, Theseus regained his sword and met the charge head-on.They flow around events rather than meeting them head-on.While he hedged on most, he met one inquiry head-on.A woman who would tackle the hardest tasks for those she loved, who met life head-on and never cried craven.On a treacherous curve, both vehicles went out of control and met in a head-on collision.
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