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meet your match

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeet your matchmeet your matchLOSE A GAME, COMPETITION, OR WARto compete against an opponent who is stronger or more skilful than you are I think he might have met his match in Simon. meet
Examples from the Corpus
meet your matchIt was low tide at St Catherine's Dock, and the Thames was about to meet its match.It seems Connoly's finally met her political match.And, in any case, I think she realised she had met her match.But in political lobbyist Palmer Stoat he meets his match.It seemed on this occasion she had met her match.Well, this time you've met your match, Adam Burns.He has met his match, and probably better.All that changes when she meets her match in Doug.I slowly started to realize I had met my match in Nigel.But they met their match in Ryde School from the Isle of Wight, who pipped them for victory.She's a good player but she'll meet her match when she plays Sara.
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