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megahertzmeg‧a‧hertz /ˈmeɡəhɜːts $ -ɜːr-/ noun (plural megahertz) [countable] (written abbreviation MHz)  TCBa unit for measuring frequency, especially of radio signals, equal to one million hertz
Examples from the Corpus
megahertzId says Quake requires a Pentium, though it will run slowly on a 66 or 100 megahertz 80486.The Pentium chip-powered machines will run at 133 megahertz or more and cost about $ 2,500.For example, the 6x686-P200 system I tested uses a Cyrix chip with a clock speed of 166 megahertz.They operate in the same frequency range of the radio spectrum as analog cellular -- around 800 megahertz.A sixty-six megahertz is gon na do the programs.
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