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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmegaphonemeg‧a‧phone /ˈmeɡəfəʊn $ -foʊn/ noun  1 loudhailer.jpg TPGO[countable] a piece of equipment like a large horn which you talk through to make your voice sound louder, when you are speaking to a crowd2 megaphone diplomacy
Examples from the Corpus
megaphonePerhaps conscious that he had gained a megaphone reputation, Meacher had settled down to his own social security review.The clerk touched each elector on the head, and counted each poll aloud over a megaphone.An inspector spoke through a megaphone while the armed squad kept watch.A lot of them had megaphones.They were directed back to their positions by the first assistant and his megaphone, and a second take began.After some further conversation, he raised his megaphone to announce a break.He has always looked for one more megaphone.Sure enough, there he was, Cord Shay, at the megaphone.
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