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megastarmeg‧a‧star /ˈmeɡəstɑː $ -stɑːr/ noun [countable]  informalAPAM a very famous singer or actor
Examples from the Corpus
megastarAs a singer, Mr Jackson is a certifiable megastar.country megastar Garth BrooksThanks to the microphone and the camera, a few megastars can communicate the appearance of power and commitment at great distance.His writing is a joy, combining the telling quote from finance megastars with anecdote to illustrate a substantial point.When Kylie first got involved in the film, rock megastar David Bowie was to have been the film's executive producer.If I cut my cloth to suit popular taste I wouldn't be the megastar I am today.He has become the megastar who will not leave gently or graciously.Which megastar was about to beamed in from a Hollywood poolside to give a transatlantic Tory thumbs up?
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