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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmegawattmeg‧a‧watt /ˈmeɡəwɒt $ -wɑːt/ noun [countable] (written abbreviation MW)  a million watts
Examples from the Corpus
megawattThe final section gives a Simplified economic analyses for the various conversions of a 200 megawatt plant.These cost data were then extrapolated to a 200 megawatt plant using various scale factors.Table 5. 4 presents estimates of the payback period of conversion options on a typical 200 megawatt plant.The combined 4 megawatt capacity would provide power for3,000 homes.If the study is successful, work may begin on a 650 megawatt plant.The thermal power delivered is about one megawatt.There's 27% less fuel burnt per megawatt of electricity.
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