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melancholicmel‧an‧chol‧ic /ˌmelənˈkɒlɪk◂ $ -ˈkɑː-/ adjective literary  MISAD/UNHAPPYfeeling very sad
Examples from the Corpus
melancholicThis was, unusually for Coronation Street, a duet, and profoundly melancholic.She's in a slightly melancholic and therefore honest mood Jeremy Which is why we have to round it up now.The melancholic king and his lustful comic consort are out of love, but not so Peter and Emilia.The air is dull gold with the past, a sad, melancholic silver gilt which colours the mood of city.He seemed burdened with melancholic thoughts and dark visions as he wrestled with his pursuing demons.Her thoughts were sad and for once she didn't try to correct their melancholic turn.I mean, would a melancholic woman order everyone to leave her?
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