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melodiousme‧lo‧di‧ous /məˈləʊdiəs $ -ˈloʊ-/ adjective formal  APMCsomething that sounds melodious sounds like music or has a pleasant tune He spoke in a quiet melodious voice.melodiously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
melodiousThe deep melodious ache began in her.She spoke Galactic with an exotic accent and in a voice that was strong, melodious and full of authority.But it was here that the first sour note in the melodious anthem was heard.Try penny whistles, maracas, guitars, recorders, bongo drums and the piano for melodious fun.The sound is deep, melodious, impressive.melodious temple bellsHis energy, his sense of humour and his melodious voice made a deep impression.Rosewater greeted her with melodious warmth, asked how she was today.
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