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melting pot

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmelting potˈmelting pot noun [singular]  1 SAa place where people from different races, countries, or social classes come to live together New York has always been a great melting pot.2 MIXa situation or place in which many different ideas are discussed3 in the melting pot
Examples from the Corpus
melting potAmerica has been a melting pot since the beginning of European immigration.But again they are an ancient group with ancestors back in the Carboniferous forest, a melting pot for plant evolution.We are, as they say up north, a melting pot.Paris remains a melting pot for fashion.The two have worked together to produce a booming Sunbelt and a brisk new stirring of the ethnic melting pot.Magic and medicine were often in the same melting pot.The melting pot is attracting foreigners.
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