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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmementome‧men‧to /məˈmentəʊ $ -toʊ/ noun (plural mementos) [countable]  REMIND/MAKE somebody REMEMBERa small thing that you keep to remind you of someone or somethingmemento of I kept the bottle as a memento of my time in Spain.
Examples from the Corpus
mementoAlistair kept the bill, as a memento.At the wedding ceremony Sir George's cousin Edward received the suit as a memento.She said that, in his desk, he kept a memento - something which belonged to the girl.A memento of your visit may be purchased in the small showroom.It was a clever memento sent to half a zillion other loyal Democrats.A small lunchtime party was held for the entire staff, at which commemorative mementos were distributed.I have just returned my mementos to their various places.At sunrise Sunday, people were already arriving to lay flowers, candy and other mementos at the wall.memento ofOne corner of his spacious office is full of mementos of his childhood.
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