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men in (grey) suits

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmen in (grey) suitsmen in (grey) suitsinformal the men who control businesses, organizations etc, considered as a group, especially when you think they are boring man
Examples from the Corpus
men in (grey) suitsFor the rest, we saw only tyrants, technology and men in suits.Then, at lunchtime, Mrs Thatcher met a group of the so-called men in grey suits.And so did the other half-dozen men in suits standing around, fingering the silky negligees.An underground company that isn't dominated by the grey men in suits.Looking out, she saw men in suits getting into the medium-sized cars.Nor was she forced out by the men in grey suits - though intrigue played a major role.When he asked for Hugh Sixsmith at the desk, two men in suits climbed quickly from their chairs.Armies of worried men in suits stormed off the Lexington Avenue subway line and marched down the crooked pavements.
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