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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishménagemé‧nage /ˈmeɪnɑːʒ $ məˈnɑːʒ/ noun [countable] formal  GROUP OF PEOPLEall the people who live in a particular house syn household
Examples from the Corpus
ménageHis fastidious imagination shied away from the details of Jack's new ménage.Rose, as Tansy's sister, would also have been well placed to find out the details of Topaz's ménage.If I must vegetate, I'd rather do so at home, in spite of the undoubtedly superior ménage here.For Einzig, Vaughan was another attractive ingredient in the Hamilton Terrace ménage.With the money that Gay contributed to the house, the ménage at Sunset Cottage contrived to keep going.It is the seniors who inspect the tack and turnout of their fellow members in the ménage prior to riding out.
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