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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmenfolkmen‧folk /ˈmenfəʊk $ -foʊk/ noun [plural] old-fashioned  MANthe men in a particular society, family etcwomenfolk Many women took in washing to supplement the income of their menfolk.
Examples from the Corpus
menfolkHe also taught them the arts of circumcision and sub-incision, used to produce the traditional tattoos sported by Aranda menfolk.Mrs Lane was the miniature goddess who controlled her large, tolerant, good-humoured menfolk, and made this whole organisation work.The greatest complication about any ball is that one requires menfolk with whom to attend it.Sooner or later the woman will give in, because the squalor is not held against the menfolk but against her.He might even try to inflame the menfolk of Banda into stoning Jane.Ahead of them, as was fitting, were the menfolk, more soberly-clad save for the bright kerchiefs round their necks.The loyalty of the women of the mining communities to their menfolk is, of course, legend.Women keep the home fires burning while their menfolk hunt and commune with sacred things.
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