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mental/visual/cognitive/hearing etc impairment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmental/visual/cognitive/hearing etc impairmentmental/visual/cognitive/hearing etc impairmenta condition in which a part of a person’s mind or body is damaged or does not work well impairment
Examples from the Corpus
mental/visual/cognitive/hearing etc impairmentAn artist who has a visual impairment, working with and not against its limitations.Hearing checks are essential as conductive hearing impairment is very frequent in young children.The authors recognise the many methodological problems in studying disabilities that may result from hearing impairment.However, visual impairment does seem to be related to both anxiety and depression.Nausea, visual impairment, or headache occasionally occur.Five years after his illness began the patient complained of progressive visual impairment.The complete lack of cognitive improvements leads them to suggest that cognitive impairment is intrinsically associated with long-term morbidity in schizophrenia.This is one reason why hearing impairment in childhood is totally different from hearing loss in adult life.
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