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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmentalitymen‧tal‧i‧ty /menˈtæləti/ ●○○ AWL noun (plural mentalities) [countable]  ATTITUDEa particular attitude or way of thinking, especially one that you think is wrong or stupid a get-rich-quick mentality I can’t understand the mentality of the people who are behind this kind of violence.
Examples from the Corpus
mentalityNow the whole country is run by a myopic bourgeoisie with a mentality that does not care for the people.She despised the bourgeois mentality of the professional class.Often thought to be a relic of the past, the Maintenance Crew mentality is still very much with us.Could these rights simply be taken away be-cause of the prevalence of a mob mentality?You know, I wonder if this is a male kind of mentality.The destruction of the Thornydale and Cortaro intersection just reveals the pervasive mentality in Tucson.Pretty meant vacuous, personality meant show-off, having fun was shopgirl mentality.Marston weaves facts into the story about slave-trading and shows the sick mentality of the slavery system.He is said to have siege mentality.I don't understand the mentality of these teenagers.The mentality that produces such a procedure is not just unacceptable itself - as well as irksome to would-be candidates.
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