1 verb
men‧tion1 S1 W1 [transitive]
1 to talk or write about something or someone, usually quickly and without saying very much or giving details:
Was my name mentioned at all?
Some of the problems were mentioned in his report.
mention something to somebody
I mentioned the idea to Joan, and she seemed to like it.
mention (that)
He mentioned that he was having problems, but he didn't explain.
It's worth mentioning (=it is important enough to mention) that they only studied a very small number of cases.
As I mentioned earlier, there have been a lot of changes recently.
She mentioned in passing (=mentioned in a quick unimportant way) that you had just been to Rome.
now you mention it (=used to say that you had not thought about something until the speaker mentioned it)
Now you mention it, I haven't seen her around lately.
fail/omit/neglect to mention something (=not mention something you should mention)
The report failed to mention that most of the landowners do not live on their properties.
! Do not say 'mention about' something. Mention is followed by a direct object: She didn't mention her mother.

don't mention it

spoken used to say politely that there is no need for someone to thank you for helping them:
'Thanks for the ride home!' 'Don't mention it.'

not to mention something

used to introduce an additional thing that makes a situation even more difficult, surprising, interesting etc:
Pollution has a negative effect on the health of everyone living in the city, not to mention the damage to the environment.
It's too far to walk, not to mention the fact that it'll probably be closed by now anyway.

be mentioned in dispatches

British English to have your name on an official list of people who have been brave in battle, as an honour

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