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menumen‧u /ˈmenjuː/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  1 DFa list of all the kinds of food that are available for a meal, especially in a restaurant Could we have the menu, please?on the menu Is there any fish on the menu? a three-course set menu (=dishes which you do not choose for yourself)2 TDa list of things on a computer screen which you can ask the computer to do Select PRINT from the main menu.pull-down/drop-down menu (=a list of choices which appears when you click on a place on the screen)menu-driven (=operated by using a menu)COLLOCATIONSverbsread/study the menuSandy read the menu, but didn’t see anything he wanted to eat.look at/see the menu (=read the menu)He looked at the menu and decided to have the salad.plan a menu (=decide what foods will be served)Erika began planning a menu for the dinner party.choose/order something from the menuHe ordered a chicken dish from the menu.offer a menuThe restaurant is offering a three-course menu for New Year’s Eve.have a good/long/unusual etc menuThe new restaurant on Fifth Street has an excellent menu.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + menu extensive (=with many different dishes on it)The menu is extensive and adventurous.a dinner/lunch/breakfast menuThere is an extensive dinner menu, and seafood is a speciality.a set/fixed menu (=when the cook decides which dishes will be served to you, rather than you choosing for yourself)Dinner is three courses from a set menu.an à la carte menu (=a menu listing many separate dishes which you choose from)In the evening there is a full à la carte menu.a children’s menuI asked the waiter if there was a children’s menu.
Examples from the Corpus
menuPull down menus offer easy access to the multitude of facilities and options can be selected by mouse or keyboard.The Printer Options menu, shown in Figure 6. 2, appears. 6.Basically, the Start menu and My Computer icon represent another step toward making computerese disappear.I was relieved to find that my favorites on the menu had not changed in execution one bit.It has also simplified the menu.When the mouse cursor enters this menu bar the main menu is displayed which controls the 19 primary functions of MegaCAD.set menuBreakfast is continental, whilst dinner is three courses from a set menu.Dinner is a set menu of three courses.Breakfast is a hearty buffet supplemented with ham and cheeses and dinner is a three course set menu.Breakfast is buffet style and dinner is a three course set menu.Buffet-style breakfast and lunch; set menu for dinner; mineral water flows from taps.Buffet-style breakfast and lunch; set menu for dinner; self service taverna.La Carte While the restaurant offers a comprehensive la carte menu, nearly everyone chooses one of the set menus.pull-down/drop-down menuIt contains a pull-down menu of directories whose contents are displayed within the open window when the the directory is highlighted.The sudden appearance of a drop-down menu.But for those who want more familiar mouse control and drop-down menus they're there too.Similarly, the three icons at the bottom of the toolbox can be accessed via the Text and Graphics pull-down menus.But HotBot lets you narrow your search using simple pull-down menus and on-screen buttons.Across the top are the usual pull-down menu headings. with some of the more popular features represented as icons.
From Longman Business Dictionarymenumen‧u /ˈmenjuː/ noun [countable]COMPUTING a list of choices that appears on a computer screen, allowing you to choose certain operations or run particular processes, using a MOUSEGo to the menu at the top of your screen and select ‘File’. drop-down menu help menu
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