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merchantmanmer‧chant‧man /ˈmɜːtʃəntmən $ ˈmɜːr-/ noun (plural merchantmen /-mən/) [countable] old-fashioned  TTWa ship used for carrying goods
Examples from the Corpus
merchantmanIn 1787 he sailed as a subaltern on a merchantman that was wrecked.There was a mass of shipping in the port, small skiffs, boats, the huge heavy-bottomed sterns of Hanseatic merchantmen.Imperial merchantmen traversing the warp would flee at the sighting of one.Off Corunna, they encountered a huge Levantine merchantman, and exchanged gun salutes with her.How much further west the Minoan merchantmen sailed remains a matter for speculation: possibly as far as southern Britain.No damage was caused to any of the warships or merchantmen.Our cog was a sturdy merchantman escorted by a small man-of-war.
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