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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmercilessmer‧ci‧less /ˈmɜːsɪləs $ ˈmɜːr-/ adjective  1 CRUELcruel and showing no kindness or forgiveness a merciless attack a merciless killer2 merciless heat/cold/wind etcmercilessly adverb He teased his sister mercilessly.
Examples from the Corpus
mercilessHe was very sweet; sweet and merciless.They gave Donlan the same merciless beating Clark received in Chicago.And again events have dealt them a series of merciless blows.He had a cruel, clever, merciless face, with a big curved nose and very bright, hard eyes.I have suffered as a result of this merciless hard line plenty of times myself.The furies had claws and merciless teeth.
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