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mercy flight/mission etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmercy flight/mission etcmercy flight/mission etcHELPa journey taken to bring help to people a mercy mission to help homeless refugees mercy
Examples from the Corpus
mercy flight/mission etcA Home Office spokeswoman confirmed last night that Stansted would be used for all future mercy flights.It was the first and last time I was to fly on one of its mercy missions.I had heard of the many mercy missions of the ruler's private planes.They already have a Hercules plane running mercy missions to Sarajevo.Soldiers now face the harsh reality of their mercy mission in the barren country.The authorities also believe if these mercy missions continue it could present long term problems.With United Nations help, it's hoped this mercy mission will be the first of many.Rival warlords are also holding up mercy missions with feuds over contracts to take food to drought-ravaged towns and villages.
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